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Counseling Practice Areas
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Navigating Life's Challenges Together.

Within my practice, I specialize in supporting individuals with high anxiety, stress management, and fostering healthy relationships, both for individuals and couples. My true passion lies in guiding my clients towards discovering their true potential and helping them become their best selves. I am deeply committed to ensuring that each and every one of my clients feels truly seen, heard, and valued within our therapeutic relationship, fostering an environment that is safe, non-judgmental, and conducive to growth.




Panic (as an experience not a disorder)

Michael has First-hand experience with panic, feeling like you are about to die. It can mimic a heart attack, you can't breath and emotionally you feel extreme fear.  I help individuals develop the skills and strategies to manage and build resilience to overcome the experience of panic. Panic is a natural alarm system. Learn what set it off and how to reset it. 

Anxiety is a complex emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical stress. Developing a large set of coping tools will help manage a wide variety of experiences from phobias to social anxieties. Learn where your anxiety is coming from Past, Present or Future and how to deal with each.

Coping With Stressors

Coping with stressors can involve different strategies, depending on the type of stressor and the individual's own personal coping skills.  Adjusting to unusual demands, or stressors, is a normal part of life and does not mean a person is mentally or emotionally ill. It means you need to build your coping skills


Individual Counseling

Identify goals, uncover patterns of unwanted behavior, and develop strategies for addressing issues of unwanted thoughts and emotions. Discover what your emotions are trying to tell you about you. Look at the process of how emotions develop, how they are constructed and how they can change. Issues covered in counseling:


Couples Counseling
or Couples Intensives

Address communication issues, conflict resolution, and work through challenging emotions that can arise in relationships. Facilitate difficult conversations, identify patterns of behavior, and strengthen the connection between a couple. A weekly one-hour format brings gradual change while a two to four-hour intensive format may suit some couples better.

Couples with big differences in age, culture, religion, politics, beliefs, or a combination of differences may need more help, intensives may be a good choice.


Life Coaching

A process of helping people identify and  reach their goals and improve their overall well-being. Identify and overcome obstacles, develop strategies and plans, and build self-confidence. Help people to make major changes in their lives, such as changing careers, improving relationships, getting organized and motivated and managing stress. Recognize and make use of your strengths, and identify and move toward your goals in a more effective way.


Specific Counseling Areas

Anxiety, fears, Acute Stress, Adults Abused as children, Spousal Abuse, Mood instability, Adults dealing with victimization, Grief, Divorce and Loss, Relationship problems as Adults, Self-esteem issues


Premarital Counseling

Elevate your relationship with our premarital counseling sessions, thoughtfully designed to provide couples with the essential tools for a resilient and harmonious marriage. Our expert guidance nurtures open communication, understanding, and shared aspirations, setting the stage for a lifetime of love and partnership.

Guiding You To Wellness
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