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Reverend Dr. Michael brings five decades of experience uniting couples, leading countless memorable wedding ceremonies. As a part of his wedding officiant services, he extends the invaluable offering of premarital counseling. Each ceremony is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring a unique and personalized experience for every couple. Investing in premarital counseling with Reverend Dr. Michael is a profound step, fostering a foundation for a resilient and enduring marriage in the years to come!

Wedding Officiant Services & Premarital Counseling

Preparing for marriage is like planting a garden. Premarital counseling ensures you have the right seeds for a flourishing relationship.

Quick Marriage


With half a century of dedicated ministry, I've officiated countless weddings, each uniquely tailored to the couple's desires. Whether against the backdrop of the ocean, mountains, a serene meadow, an island escape, a boat, or even in a balloon, I am honored to serve as your wedding officiant, creating cherished memories on your special day!

**Additional fees for travel over 40 miles


Best Package


Embrace a classic touch for your special day, equipping you with essential tools for a prosperous marriage right from the start. Our process involves an initial meeting to plan your wedding ceremony, followed by a second session dedicated to providing you and your partner with the skills needed to foster a successful marriage for years to come. This comprehensive package includes both rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.

**Additional fees for travel over 40 miles


Premarital Counseling

$500 (Includes 5 Sessions)

Embark on your journey to a strong and enduring marriage with our premarital counseling services. Our expert guidance is designed to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and build a foundation of intimacy, ensuring you and your partner are well-equipped for a lifetime of love and partnership. Discover the keys to a successful marriage with our tailored premarital counseling sessions.


Premarital Counseling & Ceremony

$1,000 (Includes 5 Sessions & Ceremony)

An all-inclusive package offering five premarital counseling sessions, designed for couples seeking the foundational tools to build a thriving marriage. This comprehensive package also includes dedicated wedding planning sessions, a rehearsal, and the ceremonial celebration of your union.

**Additional fees for travel over 40 miles

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Ready to plan the perfect ceremony and build a strong foundation for your marriage? Get in touch for a consultation on our premarital and wedding officiant services today.

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