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Healthy Weight Loss

Dr. Michael D. Wade provides personalized healthy weight loss coaching tailored to your individual needs. With over 50 years of experience in studying, observing, and compiling effective strategies, Dr. Wade offers a unique approach. Forget intense workouts, drugs, surgeries, and expensive diet programs, his method combines insights from many cultures, scientific research and his own extensive experience to help you achieve sustainable weight loss.

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Dr. Michael Wade's Testimony

I have had a long history with weight issues. In November of 2023, I pulled together everything I have learned about weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance. I have a metabolism that allows me to gain weight with ease. I am one of those blessed with the metabolism of a camel. If you are not familiar with that, camels have (4) stomachs and have a 99% utilization of the food they eat. I have had to lose a large amount of weight many times (usually between 40lbs to 100lbs each time). If I eat more than 1000 calories per day, I gain weight. Through most of my journey to lose weight I must drop my calories to less than 500 calories per day and exercise 3 hours each day. Once I reach an acceptable weight (usually 175lbs), I can maintain that weight for years. However, maintaining a 1000 calorie per day diet in America when a single meal is more than 600 calories is very difficult long term. 

This time was different! I did not use the old approach of extreme exercise and a fasting type of diets. I pulled together all I have learned in my travels to 50 countries. In many countries the people are very lean. They did not have the problem of obesity. I wanted to know what they knew and did that kept them trim. I learned their secrets.  In 2014, I completed a PhD in Psychology, I used my research skills to pull together everything modern science has discovered, about weight management,​ and how to deal with it without drugs. 

When I brought all this together, I dopped 80lbs in 6 months with ease, no additional exercise, no dangerous drugs, no invasive surgeries, no expensive diet foods, and no hunger.

The process I created sent new messages to my body to convert stored fat into useable energy for my body and brain to function. Always before, I had to starve myself, stay inconstant motion to burn fat. I was tired and had to take naps in the middle of the day. This time was very different. I had so much energy, no hunger, I was in control.

In 6 months, I went from a waist size of 40 to 29. In the past, I lost even amounts of muscle with the fat. Not this time. It came off in the middle - the hardest fat to lose.  I modified as I went, perfecting the method and the weight loss did not stop. I blew past all my goals and had to reset my goals to levels I never thought possible for me. There was still some fat I wanted to lose. I knew I could. I did not have weight loss burnout. I was filled with hope that I could choose whatever weight was right for me. It was like finding the fountain of youth. So much more energy, people around me came and begged me to tell them my secret. But I knew I had to finish the journey. I do know the secret - it's like a puzzle. Until you get enough pieces together, you cannot see the whole picture. The secret will get out over the next few years. I plan to help make sure it does. I am already working with a few clients and have seen great success!

Not only am I leaner than I have been since I was a boy, but I have also so much less pain in my body. In the past, when I lost weight, I still had neck pain, back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. I have had 3 major auto accidents, football injuries, racquetball and weightlifting injuries and I am 72 years old. The lack of pain that has been an unexpected by product seems to be from the overall process.

Dr. Michael D. Wade

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