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Image by Linus Nylund



"Dr. Michael Wade has helped me manage my anxiety and panic  for  nearly 20 years.  Dr. Michael's calm, non-judgmental and genuinely supportive communication style creates my ideal setting for working through my anxiety without medications that didn't seem to work for me.


I would recommend to anyone to start their journey in counseling with Michael. Over the past few years, Michael has provided great support when I thought I wouldn't be able to go through so many obstacles. His smooth, calm and reassuring guidance has helped me dive into my inner self with no fear, and resolve issues I couldn't see or face before. Having Michael's devotion to help others is a real source of inspiration.

Kate L.

Michael is one of a kind and his counseling approach is very helpful! He takes the time to get to know you and your situation without judgement. He focuses on you as a person, and not as a diagnosis. Over the last few years, he's helped me understand myself better and get through difficult situations. He's helped me navigate through life while helping me understand my own feelings and emotions. 
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