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Experience expert counseling services with Michael D. Wade, PhD - Serving Happy Valley, Oregon as well as East Portland, Gresham, Damascus, and surrounding areas in Oregon. 

Specializing in emotional change using thinking and believing, dealing with life stressors, for self & relationship counseling. Discover what your emotions are trying to tell you.

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Meet Michael D. Wade, PhD

As a Pastoral Counselor with extensive knowledge in cross cultural issues, I have over 40 years of experience with 50 cultures. I help my clients understand their emotions, by looking at their thinking, and beliefs. We work on coping with stressors, and develop better relationships with pastoral counseling, working with both individuals and couples. I prefer to work in-person, countering recent isolation that can lead to fear and impact self-concept. Because I am ordained, your privacy and confidentiality are maintained with the highest priority. I embarked on the study of modern Psychology in 2005 to enhance my research and writing skills. In 2014 after 9 years of Psychological study, I earned an MS and PhD in Psychology. I am not a psychologist, I am not licensed in psychology. I do not practice using psychological counseling with its diagnostics and treatments. I remain a pastoral counselor.

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“Michael's counseling style is one of a kind, meaning he is a very attentive listener and seems to accumulate specific advice and perspective solutions regarding the things that he is hearing and delivers that advice in a way that you understand and easily comprehend regarding the specific situation and/or complaint. Further more, his delivery of his advice and/or interpretation of what he is hearing is delivered in a way that is gentle yet stern when need be. His experience and knowledge is uncontested compared to my experience with other professionals in this field. I am grateful for him and his style, and look forward to many more sessions."

Brian B.

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